During the last days, many thousands of teachers and educators in different German towns have laid down their work again and joined the warning strikes. According to ETUCE Member organisation GEW, the reason for this was that even in the third round of negotiations which took place last week the employers were still not prepared to make concessions in negotiations. Apparently, they keep refusing to come up with a wage offer unless the unions do not step back on the issue of the supplementary pension provisions.

On 5 March 2015, the organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a working paper on Boosting Productivity in Russia, Skills, Education and Innovation. The paper highlights the importance of preparing students for a skill-based economy and shows a connection between problems in the Russian labour market and the badly equipped education system. The education system has unequally distributed opportunities for students in higher education and low financial support for institutions, while the labour market has high turnovers and wage differences. 

At the ETUCE Committee meeting on 19 March 2015, ETUCE presented its final survey report following recent project "Promoting the potentials of the European sectoral social dialogue in education by addressing new challenges and exploring experience and knowledge". The report is now available in English, French, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian and Lithuanian.

"The Plataforma Estatal por la Escuela Pública​", an alliance of organisations aiming for the protection of the public education system in Spain, has called for a strike at the public universities on 24 March 2015. Among the demonstrating people who will follow this call and lay down their work, are also the members of ETUCE's Spanish affiliates, F.E.CC.OO and FETE/UGT.

The members of the ETUCE Committee convened on 18 to 19 March 2015, situated between the ETUCE mid-term conference and in the run-up to the EI World Congress. Welcoming the new Committee members Lies Van Rompaey, COC Belgium and Claudio Franchi, CGIL, Italy, ETUCE President, Christine Blower, greeted also the new members from Central Asia Maira Amantayeva, Kazakhstan, Nozakova Zulkhiya Zagirdavlatovna, Tajikistan and Asylbek Toktogulov, Kyrgyzstan. She highlighted especially the rotation regarding the Cypriot country seat from Shener Hassan Elcil to Constantinos Constantinou, POED, which marks the commitment of the Cypriot teacher unions to union solidarity in an otherwise politically divided country.

Delegates from ETUCE member organisations meet every year, to discuss important equal opportunity issues. At this year's Standing Committee meeting, the topic "Social Dialogue and Equal Opportunities" was discussed extensively. Speakers at the event were Yamile Socolovsky, from the Latin American Women's Network, who presented their work on increasing women's participation in trade unions and on supporting women's rights. Furthermore, Jorge Cabrita, a researcher from the research centre Eurofound, presented a report on social partners and gender equality in Europe.