Greece : Nationwide strike plan this Thursday against pension cuts


A nationwide strike is taking place on Thursday,4 February 2016, to protest against the government’s planned pension reforms, while the proposed act is being submitted to the Greek Parliament.

The reform is supposed to impose further cuts on benefits and also increase citizens’ social security contribution in order to improve Greece’s pension system. These austerity measures are linked to the targets set by the international creditors to Greece as part of the country’s third bailout. Instead of asking the Greek trade unions for a dialogue, the Greek government has submitted the reform to the creditors for consideration. Last Thursday, the government spokeswoman, Olga Geravasili, affirmed that the Greek government’s proposal is final leaving no room for major changes.

Last month, people had already demonstrated their disagreement with the government. Confronted with the unchanged situation, Greek trade unions are preparing a 24-hour nationwide strike to protest against the austerity reforms. Greeks from the private and public sector are preparing to walk down the street of Athens this Thursday and make their voices heard.