EI/ETUCE Mission to Turkey


EGITIM SEN addressed the Director of EI/ETUCE, Martin Rømer, asking for an urgent mission to visit the South East of Turkey, where, since the month of October 2015, serious violations of Human and Trade Union Rights are taking place. After consultations with the EI/ETUCE Board members and the EI and ETUCE Secretariats, a mission was organised.

Its initial purpose was to visit Turkey’s South East Region, were based on the tension between the local communities and the army, severe violations of Human Rights against the Kurdish population have been reported.

Given the curfews and other measures implemented by the government that did not allow to visit the affected areas, it was decided between EGITIM SEN and the EI/ETUCE Secretariats to organise the mission to meet with representatives of teachers living in the affected areas in Ankara. This gave EI/ETUCE the opportunity to get first-hand information and to show solidarity.

The mission delegation was led by the ETUCE President, Christine Blower, and composed of representatives from 15 member organisations from Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France and Greece.  Nicolas Richards from the EI Secretariat also participated, representing the European Director.

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