Strike in strong defence of Spanish public education system


"The Plataforma Estatal por la Escuela Pública​", an alliance of organisations aiming for the protection of the public education system in Spain, has called for a strike at the public universities on 24 March 2015. Among the demonstrating people who will follow this call and lay down their work, are also the members of ETUCE's Spanish affiliates, F.E.CC.OO and FETE/UGT.

The platform criticises the recent changes within the higher education sector which were approved by the government.​ With their protest action they want to send out a strong signal of discontent. Critics complained above all that no public debate had taken place but that the reforms were approved by the government and by means of three royal decrees. According to the unions, these reforms will have a serious impact on the Spanish university system which will suffer from particularly bad effects on the funding and on the employment situation at universities. However, negative outcomes could also include the further overreaching of the private universities and watered-down education quality through changed regulations for teaching certifications.

The platform's demands are clear cut. Among others, the participating organisations require the active involvement of the university community in any possible future reform concerning the university system. Their claims are directed against deregulation and flexibility in the establishment of schools and universities, against the facilitation of accreditations and against changes which affect the funding of public universities. With their action, the participating organisations express their opposition against the threats to public education, democracy and education quality. ETUCE shares these views and supports its Spanish affiliates and their demonstrating members in their ongoing efforts to keep up quality education for all.