ETUCE issues A Call for Solidarity with the Greek Teacher Unions


In these times of grim uncertainty about the future of Greece and its people, ETUCE expresses its full solidarity with its member organisations, OLME and DOE, and their members.

Thousands of teachers and students have been hit hard by the severe impact of the drastic cuts in the public sector and the entire education system. With the temporary closure of the banking system, teachers' salaries cannot be paid, university loans cannot be granted and parents are unable to support their children studying in universities in Greece and abroad.

While the Greek government and its international creditors are once again at the table to come to terms and find a way out of the devastating economic and social situation of Greece that has its main cause in the austerity policies imposed on the country by the Troika, ETUCE calls on political leaders to stop rigid prescriptions and appeals to them to take the necessary measures that support the return of continuous economic growth to Greece. It is now high time to reach a socially fair and economically viable agreement that renders the debt sustainable.

Read the ETUCE solidarity letter with its Greek member organisations.