Promoting Equal Opportunities in Schools


On 9 September the European Parliament has adopted its report on empowering girls through education in the EU. The report has been prepared by the Committee of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality and aims to promote equal opportunities in education. It not only highlights (occupational) gender segregation, but also the discrimination of LGBTI people and of people with disabilities. Until today the level of education of children depends on the socio-economic background of their parents and even on their cultural background.

In order to reach an education system, which promotes and supports all children equally, the European Parliament has proposed different measures, such as implementing the mentioned topics into teacher training and empowering them to address their pupils needs affectively. Furthermore, the deputies have proposed that publishers should include teachers and ‘experts from the field of gender equality’ in the development of teaching material.

The report emphasises the enormous responsibility of teachers in this area. Acknowledging the fact that not only pupils but also education staff suffer from discrimination, ETUCE highlights that education staff and education institutions deserve better recognition of their work, as well as more support from local authorities tailored to the specific needs of education institutions to further promote equal opportunities. The challenge to achieve equal opportunities in education does not only lie with the teachers; instead education authorities at national, regional and local level should support and assist teachers and education institutions.

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