Social Partners promoting Decent Workplaces: Second Case Study in Finland


From 25 to 30 September 2015, the delegation from the advisory group (of the joint social partner project Social Partners Promoting Decent Workplaces in the Education Sector for a Healthier Working Life) came to Helsinki to learn about how the prevention of psychosocial hazards amongst education staff is applied at Finnish schools.  The case study was mainly organised by the EFEE member organisation Sivistystyönantajat, the Association of Finnish Independent Education Employers (AIFEE).

The study delegation had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and from the Finnish Labour Inspectorate, who explained how occupational health and safety, in particular the prevention of psychosocial hazards is integrated in the education system in Finland and provided concrete insights of how these issues can be addressed.

More practical advice on social partner initiatives on tackling psychosocial risks were highlighted by the expert Päivi Rauramlo from the Centre for Occupational Safety and from Riina Länsikallio, from ETUCE member organisation, OAJ.

The study delegation visited the secondary schools Kulosaaren yhteiskolou and  SYK Suomalainen yhteiskolou in Helsinki. Both schools provided examples of a teaching profession that is highly valued in the Finish society, founded on trust and the autonomy of teachers, and providing a solid basis for the prevention of work-related stress.

More case studies are planned (in the above mentioned project) in Belgium and Germany. Overall, the members of the project advisory group have the opportunity to visit two schools in four countries to learn more from good practice examples with aview to extract recommendations for schools and social partners in education in Europe. ETUCE provides translation of the reports in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices and working methods between the participating schools.

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