Central and Eastern European Roundtable in Bucharest


From 19 to 21 October 2015, teacher unions’ representatives from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries are going to meet for the third ETUCE CEE Roundtable. In short presentations the delegates have the chance to introduce good practice examples on different topics and discuss pressing challenges for teachers and trade unions, such as promoting an efficient and effective social dialogue, increasing privatisation in the public sector, professional competences and development of teachers, health and safety at workplaces and the use of ICT in education.

The ETUCE Secretariat is to present results of the CEE survey, which has been launched among the ETUCE member organisations in this region. The report maps and identifies the challenges in relation to funding of education, teachers’ working conditions, social dialogue and trade union rights. The event is organised in Bucharest with the support of the ETUCE member organisation FSLE (Fédération des Syndicats Libres de l'Enseignement.)

Before the CEE Roundtable, the CEENET meeting (Central and Eastern European Network) in Bucharest is going to take place. It has been introduced on the ETUCE Special Conference in Vienna 2014, to enhance and enable exchange and cooperation between the CEE teacher unions and to facilitate their participation within EI/ ETUCE. The members of the network meet twice a year and the ETUCE Secretariat will present the report on funding and project opportunities aiming to support CEE teacher unions in their daily work.

During the days in Bucharest the delegates will have the chance to discuss current and future challenges and hazards in their regions. In light of the detrimental effect of neoliberal policies on education investment and reforms, as well as of neglected social dialogue in several CEE countries, the teacher unions’ delegates are going to discuss a declaration asserting the commitment of the teacher unions in CEE countries to tackle the most pressing issues.

Update: Read the declaration adopted by the CEE Round Table