Consultation on European Citizenship


The European Commission has published a public on consultation on European Citizenship. From 14 September to 7 December 2015 social partner organisations, NGOs’ and individuals are asked to give their opinion on EU citizen rights. ETUCE invites its member organisations to take the opportunity to express their view and suggest improvements on topics such as mobility of skills and cross-border teaching within the EU and EU values and rights.

The consultation asks about obstacles that EU citizens might face in the areas of living, studying, and working, shopping or travelling within the EU. The education sector is especially mentioned in the paragraph on mobility of skills and cross-border teaching. The questions concern the awareness and opinion on Erasmus+ grants, on school collaboration programmes (such as e-Twinning, School Education Gateway) and the European online learning platform ‘Open Education Europe’. In the chapter on EU Citizenship and Democratic and Civic Participation, the citizens can report back on their experience in participating in elections of the European Parliament and their view on EU common values.

To see the consultation and read further information, please click here.