Cyprus: Conference on the role of education in developing peace culture


On 16 January ETUCE Member organisations in Cyprus POED, KTOS, KTOEÖS, OLTEK and DAÜ-SEN organised a bi-communal conference under the auspices of ETUCE on the topic “Develop Peace Culture – The role of Education” in Nicosia’s buffer zone. This event is one of the positive outcomes of a continuing collaboration initiated by ETUCE and its members in Cyprus to bring the country’s communities together.

The conference addressed approximately 100 delegates from the five teacher unions. It was the first time in the teacher unions’ history that such an event took place and all unions’ members were able to meet each other and share their thoughts and ideas on how to build a better future and a more peaceful society in Cyprus through education.

ETUCE President, Christine Blower, was the conference keynote speaker. Followed by Noro Andriamiseza, Health and Global Citizenship Education Division for Teaching, Learning and Content, UNESCO and Joanna Hughes, Professor at Belfast University, who presented the Centre for Shared Education in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the plenary sessions participants discussed about the general situation in Cyprus, practical ways for teachers to develop a peace culture and expressed their strong desire for peace in the country and a safe environment for all Cypriots.

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