Trade unions as a motor for integration of migrants into the labour market


The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has adopted its “Final Strategy on Migration and Inclusion” which cries out the EU’s integration problems of migrants in the labour market and describes the initial role of trade unions in this process. Among other topics, the Strategy emphasises the importance of education-related elements such as skills assessment and development. ETUC obliges itself to strong commitment and cooperation in the development of EU policies in this field.

As a European Trade Union Federation in ETUC, ETUCE shares the expressed values of solidarity and fairness and is especially committed in the field of skills and qualifications and advocates for quality education for refugees in the context of the Education International’s (EI) Strategy on Migration. In its statement “Refugees & Education: Human Rights for All”,  ETUCE demands for better access to education for refugees, implemented through the ET2020 policies. Education institutions and facilities have to be provided. Being at the core of action, teachers need professional training and mentoring to be able to master the challenges they face and in order to support refugees in developing their skills to have equal opportunities in the labour market.

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