Establishing good functioning social partnership in the education sector in Latvia


On request for support by the Latvian  member organisation of ETUCE, the Latvian Trade Union of Education and Science Employees (LIZDA), ETUCE has addressed a letter to the Latvian government recalling the role of social dialogue in improving the quality and the sustainability and in building the prosperity of the education system in the country.

In the aftermath of the International Summit on the Teaching Profession that took place on 3 to 4 March 2016 in Berlin, LIZDA and the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia signed an Agreement of Collaboration on 16 March 2016 whereby the Ministry committed to support a constructive social dialogue with a view to improve the quality of education in Latvia and guaranteeing decent working conditions for teachers.

According to LIZDA, despite the signed agreement between the Ministry and LIZDA, the Latvian government continuously ignores the education trade union’s demands and does not recognise LIZDA as a social partner in the Latvian education sector.

ETUCE stands in strong solidarity with its Latvian member organisation in the fight for sustainable, effective and efficient social dialogue in Latvia and has reminded the Latvian government about a number of EU agreements that Latvia has ratified, such as the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, in particular its article 152 which emphasises the importance of social dialogue: “The Union recognises and promotes the role of the social partners at its level, taking into account the diversity of national systems. It shall facilitate dialogue between the social partners, respecting their autonomy, [...]” and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of The European Union where article 27 of the chapter IV states that [Workers or their representatives must, at the appropriate levels, be guaranteed information and consultation in good time in the cases and under the conditions provided for by Community law and national laws and policies].

Confident that the Latvian education social partners will return to the negotiating table to unite their efforts in improving the quality and the sustainability of the education system in Latvia, ETUCE will continue to monitor the further developments in this regard.