Spanish trade unions celebrating World Teachers’ Day


On the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day (5th October 2017), Spanish trade unions, ETUCE member organisations, FE.CCOO and FESP-UGT, have reclaimed this year’s World Teachers’ Day theme - “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” as an opportunity to defend the principles of professional autonomy and empowerment as vital principles to enable teachers to carry out their profession to its fullest potential.

FE.CCOO reaffirmed the fundamental role of teachers and other education personnel so as to prepare better citizens. Francisco Garcia, Secretary General of the CCOO Teaching Federation, recalled that "in Spain, the economic recovery has disregarded education, which, with the excuse of controlling public spending, remains at the lowest level of public funding . In recent years, the education sector has lost 10 billion euros and more than 20,000 education professionals. In addition, the rights and salaries of education personnel have deteriorated seriously. On 5 October, we raise awareness on the role of teachers for society and claim our rights”. “FE.CCOO advocates for a Teacher Statute regulating all aspects regarding the teaching profession in the 21st century, including initial and lifelong education , qualified professionals in the public education system, decent working-conditions, and other employment issues”, he continued.

FESP-UGT launched its 2017 WTD campaign “Teachers are essential”. The campaign includes a manifesto and e-poster. The campaign continues throughout the school-year with the purpose of empowering teachers as prerequisite for quality teaching. The manifesto highlights, among other points, that: “Teachers are the personification of the education system for students. A good education is the greatest wealth and the main resource of a country and its citizens, hence the need to value, motivate and encourage teachers”. “Indeed, teachers are key to the development of school curricula, school organisation and life, educational innovation, the integral education of students, the identification of learning needs, supporting personalised learning needs and equal opportunities, promoting diversity and social inclusion, the implementation of support measures to combat educational inequalities, inequity and early-school leaving”.

The manifesto continues stressing “(...) a plan for the recovery of the social benefits and working conditions of teachers is crucial, to provide the dignity of the teaching work, with decent working conditions, safe and healthy environments with adequate resources, confidence, professional autonomy, quality initial and continuous professional development”.

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