Ten building blocks for a strong European Pillar of Social Rights: it’s time to mobilise


On 7 November 2017, the ETUC kicks off a week of action (7-16 November) mobilising for ‘A Better Europe for Working People’. Through this action, European and national trade unions are encouraged to mobilise around the key building blocks that are needed for putting the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) into practice. Alongside the call on leaders in Europe to proclaim the long-awaited Pillar of Social Rights at the occasion of the EU Social Summit of Gothenburg of 17 November, the European trade union movement is highlighting on each of the days from 7-16 November one of ten building blocks, such as: investment to make the rights real, a Social Progress Protocol in the EU Treaty, more and better social dialogue, as well as reinforced collective bargaining and trade union rights, for fair pay and working conditions in Europe.

As a firm advocate of the fast proclamation and steadfast implementation of the Pillar, ETUCE joins the ETUC call for a more social Europe and for a strong and ambitious EPSR. When still too often, European leaders appear reluctant to commit to long-term social progress’ aims, the European Pillar of Social Rights and the implementation of the twenty principles contained therein represents a vital opportunity to spark social upwards convergence across Europe. Looking in particular at the first principle enunciated in the Pillar, being “the right to quality and inclusive education, training and life-long learning for all”, ETUCE believes that the only way out of political inertia is a strong commitment to ensure equal access to quality and inclusive education for all, enhanced public investment in education, meaningful social dialogue and collective bargaining for education personnel across Europe.

Commenting on the first day of action, ETUCE European Director Susan Flocken stated: “The European Pillar of Social Rights is an initiative that has engaged ETUCE since its inception. The European Trade Union Confederation’s action”, she continued, “is a clear sign that trade unions are committed to see the Pillar succeed in its objective to provide European citizens and workers with the social standards they deserve”.

At the occasion of the action days, ETUC and partner organisations have launched a website, enabling visitors to send the message to national leaders: “I want a better Europe for working people: a stronger #SocialPillar, more #SocialRights; #TellJunckerEU, #SocialSummit17”. The website also features the 10 ETUC ‘building blocks’ for putting the Social Pillar into practice, and on each of the ten days of action ahead of the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg.

To access the  website and send a message to our national leaders, please click here.