ETUCE releases Brexit statement


ETUCE has now published a statement on Brexit negotiations following its adoption by the ETUCE Committee. The statement focuses on the potential effects of Brexit upon education and the teaching profession. Along with this, it calls for the negotiations to prioritise the protection of employment, living standards and teachers and trade union rights instead of a free trade deal built on a platform of lower pay, pensions, social benefits, tax and standards.

The statement also makes clear that whilst this is a decision that has been made by the United Kingdom, Brexit will have effects across all sectors in Europe, including in education. Several key areas are highlighted in the statement:

  • Education in the Brexit negotiations
  • Status of teachers, academics and other education personnel
  • Education trade unions
  • Social dialogue and trade union rights
  • Brexit and ETUCE member organisations

With the UK on course to leave by April 2019, ETUCE calls upon all parties to negotiate a deal before then which works in the interests of the whole teaching community across Europe.

To read the full Brexit statement, click here.