Slovenia: General strike is foreseen on 14 February


Following the decision of the ESTUS Executive Board, Education and Science Trade Union of Slovenia, which was taken unanimously on 30 November 2017, the resolution on a strike on 14 February 2018 in the education sector of Slovenia has passed. Now education employees have to decide on this matter.The president of the Executive Board, Jelka Velički, explained that the education trade union members will cast their ballots in 767 education institutions between 6 and 13 December 2017. According to the procedure, the general strike will take place should more than half of the education institutions vote in favor of it.

Among other things, ESTUS demands a raise in the basic pay of teachers and other education personnel from kindergarten to the higher education level, as well as better compensation for classwork and € 1,200 of gross vacation allowance for all employees whose pay is lower than or equal to the minimum country wage. Moreover, the right to take part in collective bargaining in education was demanded too.

“Is it not crucial for economic stability and economic growth of the country to have suitable, quality and adequately funded education? If we as educators won't stand up for ourselves, for the role and significance of the teaching profession, then no one else will,” stated ESTUS General Secretary Branimir Štrukelj.