New Eurydice report released on citizenship education at school in Europe


The Eurydice network of the DG Education of the European Commission has now published its report on Citizenship Education at School in Europe.

The important role of teachers is highlighted within the report, stating that “The training and support provided to them is [therefore] central to the effective implementation of citizenship education”.

One of the main findings of the report is that in most European countries national curricula tend to be broad in scope in regards to the four competencies: Interacting effectively and constructively with others; thinking critically; acting in a socially responsible manner; and acting democratically.

The report also states that “Nearly half of the EU countries still have no regulations or recommendations on the development of prospective teachers' citizenship education competences through initial teacher education”. Another cause for concern is the lack of provision of citizenship education to students in school-based initial vocational education and training.

ETUCE believes that all students should have access to citizenship and democratic education and that to achieve this, teachers, academics and other education personnel in all sectors of education need additional appropriate teacher training and further continuous professional development both as regards formal and non-formal learning of students. Whilst the report overview is welcome, it must be used to reflect and decide the best way to empower and support teachers and other education personnel in promoting EU common values and in ensuring quality citizenship education in all schools.

To read the full Eurydice report, click here.

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