FE.CCOO and FesP-UGT celebrate the international school day of non-violence and peace


ETUCE Spanish member organisations FE.CC.OO and FeSP-UGT are organising various initiatives to celebrate the international school day of non-violence and peace (30 January).

In particular, FE.CCOO claims the education of girls, boys and young people in a culture of non-violence that prepares them for peaceful living together (‘convivencia’). FE.CCOO asks the Spanish Government to include again “Education for Citizenship” in the school-curriculum as a subject and as a transversal content; removing the subject of Religion from the school-curricula; the promotion of secular education, in particular as regards schools free from the dogmatism of the Catholic Church and from segregation policies; and the creation of an adequately financed political and legal framework to promote projects in the educational institutions aimed at the peaceful and open resolution of conflicts.

For its part, FeSP-UGT is organising an audiovisual contest, running until late-March 2018, entitled “Classrooms for living together; Learning from diversity  – Aulas por la Convivencia; Aprender de la diversidad”). The competition will award artistic projects such as poems, animated videos, collage, theatre performances, short-movies, mime art, songs, etc. and will focus on those projects reflecting values of tolerance, non-discrimination, gender equality, respect and intercultural dialogue.

ETUCE European Director, Susan Flocken said: “ETUCE promotes peace education as an important mrans to transmit human rights values and facilitate reconciliation. Citizenship education is a key tool to educate active, respectful and committed children and young people. Indeed, Education for democracy contributes to creating inclusive, safe and secure learning environments for students, teachers and the whole teaching community”.

To learn more about ETUCE’s work on ‘Peace Education’, please, click here.