The Netherlands is still under Code Red


On 14 March 2018,  primary education teachers from the North-West of the Netherlands will go on strike as reported by AOb. A big protest action is to take place in Amsterdam where a long and vociferous march is to be held through the heart of the old city centre.

According to AOb, the Netherlands are heading towards a major and growing teacher shortage in primary education. The gravity of the problem became more evident during the flu period, when hundreds of schools had to send classes home, finding no teachers to replace sick colleagues. Other schools just managed to keep children in, by asking retired teachers to help out, part-time education personnel to work extra days, having directors teaching the whole week and having the-not-yet-too-sick continue teaching, even if they shouldn’t.

As it was reported earlier, the only positive development noted until now has been the Minister of Education’s decision to release a budget oriented towards measures to reduce the workload in 2021.

Nevertheless, AOb demands a substantial salary raise as a solution of the situation in the profession.

Showing solidarity with teachers and education personnel in the Netherlands, Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director, said, “ETUCE believes that the Dutch government will finally take into consideration the severity and urgency of the problem, the solution of which cannot be deferred”.