Croatia: ETUCE stands for decent life and pensions of teachers


On the eve of the demonstration against the pension reform, ETUCE addressed the Croatian government on behalf of its member organisations in the country.

In support of the demonstration on 20 October 2018 in Zagreb ETUCE expressed its solidarity with the Croatian Teachers' Union (CTU), the Independent Trade Union of Workers in Secondary Education of Croatia (ITUWEC), the Independent Union of Research and Higher Education Employees of Croatia (IURHEEC) and the Trade Union of Workers in Pre-School Education of Croatia (TUWPSEC) and the whole trade union movement in the country speaking up for fair pension reforms.

Echoing the European trade union movement’s call, ETUCE European Director, Susan Flocken said, “In Croatia and throughout the EU teachers, other education personnel and workers in general need decent working conditions that allow for a decent life and pensions for a well-deserved retirement after years of work. We call on the Croatian Government to change its reforms and to negotiate with trade unions for fair pensions for all workers in Croatia”.