HERSC supports French member organisations in their fight against increased tuition fees


The members of the ETUCE Standing Committee for Higher Education and Research (HERSC) meeting in Brussels on 21-22 February 2019 express their strong support with all ETUCE member organisations in France. HERSC backs the education trade unions’ demands to withdraw the French Governments’ plan to bring in higher tuition fees for students coming from countries outside the European Union to study in France.

Sharing concerns towards the French Prime Minister’s announcement of 18 November 2018 on the introduction of considerably increased tuition fees for non-EU students amounting to 2.770 € while repealing the current fees of 170 € for Bachelor degrees and 3.770€ instead of 243 € and 380 € for Master degrees and PhD courses respectively, HERSC calls on ETUCE member organisations to demonstrate solidarity with the French sister organisations by signing the petition “Non à l'augmentation des frais d'inscription pour les étudiant.e.s étranger.e.s !” (No to the increase of tuition fees for foreign students) to defend access to quality public education for all.

To sign the petition, please follow this link.