ETUCE response to the European Ombudsman’s public consultation on transparency of TTIP negotiations


The European Ombudsman runs a public consultation on transparency of the TTIP negotiations until 31 October. ETUCE encourages all member organisations to contribute to the consultation. ETUCE has continuously requested the European Commission to improve transparency in relation to the TTIP negotiations and to involve stakeholders in an active and meaningful way. The ETUCE response highlights the different nature of the TTIP negotiations from past trade negotiations, which require a different and much more transparent approach.

Transparency is needed both in terms of accessibility to documents, but documents should also be accessible in different EU languages and not only in English as at present. The form of consultation could also be improved by ensuring a real dialogue. Finally, the ETUCE denounces the preferential treatment provided to business organisations. Access and information provided to business organisations should be equally accessible to social partners and other stakeholders.

Submissions can be made in any of the 24 official EU languages and can be provided by email, letter or fax. The European Ombudsman takes into account the input received by the public consultation before presenting a set of further suggestions to the European Commission on how to proceed with the TTIP negotiations.

The European Ombudsman's public consultation follows the inquiry of the European Ombudsman towards the European Commission concerning transparency and public participation in relation to the TTIP negotiations.

The ETUCE response to the public consultation