Conference report: Europe at the crossroads. Which way to quality jobs and prosperity?


The ETUI / ETUC conference took place in Brussekls on 24 to 26 September. Bernadette Ségol, the ETUC General Secretary, described the three main objectives of the conference as follows:


  1. "Understand: To facilitate open debate among academics, trade unionists and politicians on the major challenges facing us in the fields of employment and labour markets.
  2. Propose: To present alternatives to the mainstream discourse focussed on flexibilisation of labour markets, downplaying of social dialogue and the role of the social partners, and the preference for decentralisation and individualisation on the labour market.
  3. Act: To formulate proposals for a European social agenda at a time when the health and safety agenda is empty and the social agenda is overshadowed by the economy."

Furthermore, the topic health and safety at the workplace with regard to an ageing workforce and occupational diseases was discussed in panel debates.

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