School Leadership Toolkit


ETUCE is member of the European Policy Network of School Leadership (EPNoSL), which has recently published its Toolkit on School Leadership. The "School Leadership Toolkit for equity and learning" was designed to provide policy makers, school authorities, schools, researchers and teacher training institutes with the tools to reflect upon, identify challenges and prioritize areas for policy action to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning.

Furthermore, the School Leadership Toolkit is designed to support analyses how different school leadership policies and programs interplay and influence the overall capacity of school leaders and their schools to effectively and persistently address equity and learning challenges in their schools.

The toolkit includes toolsets on the following issues:

  • Educating School Leaders
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Distributed Leadership for Equity & Learning
  • School Autonomy
  • School Accountability
  • Promoting Collaboration
  • Policy Response
  • Policy Assessment

We would like to encourage our member organisation and partner organisations to disseminate and encourage the use of this toolkit.

Toolkit on School Leadership