ETUCE’s Standing Committee for Equality: "Social Dialogue and Equal Opportunities”


Delegates from ETUCE member organisations meet every year, to discuss important equal opportunity issues. At this year's Standing Committee meeting, the topic "Social Dialogue and Equal Opportunities" was discussed extensively. Speakers at the event were Yamile Socolovsky, from the Latin American Women's Network, who presented their work on increasing women's participation in trade unions and on supporting women's rights. Furthermore, Jorge Cabrita, a researcher from the research centre Eurofound, presented a report on social partners and gender equality in Europe.

The representatives discussed in three working groups the topics, women's working conditions in the teaching profession, gender and status in the teaching profession and women and decision-making in teacher unions. Based on their discussions, the participants agreed on a set of recommendations, which was presented for adoption to the ETUCE Committee on the following day. The adopted recommendations highlight the importance of improving working conditions in the teaching profession, reconciling family and working life and enhancing opportunities for women to obtain decision-making positions.

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