Public Hearing: Situation of Fundamental Rights in the European Union


On 30 March, the Committee for Civil Liberties and Justice Affairs of the European Parliament will hold a public hearing on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union. Speakers at the event are, among others, Iverna Mc Gowan representing Amnesty International and Gabriel Toggenburg from the European Agency of Fundamental Rights (FRA).

At the event, the report on the impact of the crisis on fundamental rights across Member States of the EU is discussed. It compares seven member states and concludes that economic and social rights in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal are strongly affected by the crisis. Especially the sectors, healthcare, work, pension and education, but also the freedom of expression and of assembly is negatively influenced through austerity reforms.

In most of the countries the education sector suffered due to the "reduction of schools and teachers". The measures mostly affects "vulnerable groups of students"-  "children with disabilities, Roma, travellers' children and children of migrants". The report highlights the importance to see education as an investment for the future; therefore reductions in the education system should not have an impact on its quality. Furthermore member states should consider supporting especially children in vulnerable situations and remember their obligation to offer inclusive education systems. The report also highlights the importance of strengthening social dialogue to ensure the provision of education systems based on equal opportunities and thereby further supports ETUCE's and its member organisations' work in this field.

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