The Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosova (SBASHK), member organisation of ETUCE in Kosovo, is organising a general strike in the pre-universities and universities, today, on 29 April 2015. This is an act against the intolerable delaying tactics of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo (MEST) towards completing the implementation of the collective agreement which was signed already a year ago. The agreement deals with issues related to the compensation of teachers' work experience, retirement, transportation costs and meals.

SBASHK had organised three warning actions at the beginning of the year which had remained without a lasting impact. The government started to react only last week after the union's executive council's decision for a strike and announced to take immediate account of the salary adaptation based on work experiences as agreed. However, according to Rrahman Jasharaj, the President of SBASHK, this did not happen. The situation was even worsening. In many schools, salaries were paid based on a ten years outdated salary level, disregarding several years of work experience. According to Jasharaj, the strike is to last until the government corrects the errors in payroll, including the other government obligations arising from the agreement signed between SBASHK and MEST.

ETUCE addressed a letter in solidarity to SBASHK stating that it stands unreservedly with the protesting people and supports their fair and justified demands for an immediate correction of the Ministry's inaccurate and unfair approach.