2020 ETUCE Conference


Campaigning to Enhance the Teaching Profession for Solidarity, Equality, Democracy and Sustainability

The ETUCE Conference is convened in ordinary session at least once every four years to consider and decide on policies, principles of action and programme of ETUCE, approve the activity report, the financial report and the proposed budget, determine the supplementary membership fees, appoint the internal and external auditors and elect the President, Vice-Presidents and other members of the ETUCE Committee.

The Conference is a decision-making body composed of the ETUCE Committee and representatives from each member organisation. It provides an opportunity for representatives of all ETUCE affiliates to meet and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between teachers and other education employees. The focus of this meeting lies on the role of education trade unions in addressing challenges for the future of Europe, not the least in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the sanitary crisis and the uncertainty about local conditions at the venue and possible travel bans for some colleagues at the time of the meeting, the conference will exceptionally be organised as a virtual event. Taking into account the limitations of this way of gathering, the conference will deal with urgent constitutionally matters exclusively.  Policy documents and resolutions – with the exception of the resolution on the conference theme and potential urgent resolutions – will be debated and adopted at an extra-ordinary Conference which will be convened in July 2021.