The sad passing of Jean-Marie Maillard from SNES-FSU, France


Jean-Marie, a certified teacher in English, was elected National Secretary of SNES-FSU back in 1985, and subsequently, from 1993 onwards, as SNES Deputy General Secretary with teacher recruitment, initial teacher training, professional development and working conditions among his main assignments. Monitoring European and international issues was added to these areas of responsibility when he was elected joint General Secretary in 1999. He participated as SNES representative in activities within both ETUCE and the WCOTP, subsequently in EI following its founding congress in Stockholm in 1993, where he was part of his union’s delegation. He was elected Vice-President of ETUCE in 2001. During his mandate, he advocated for an ETUCE asserting itself in the European trade union landscape in close connection with Education International and ETUC. He excelled in apprehending the European trade union work through the ETUCE in line with the concerns of the teaching profession and education  personnel in Europe.  He contributed to trade union analyses on the topic of quality education, promoted the enhancement of language teaching throughout Europe and helped ETUCE define clear and comprehensive guidelines to be used by member organisations for their  campaigns  at national level to raise the status of the teaching profession. 

Jean-Marie left his national and European mandates in 2003 to resume his profession of English teacher (which he had never given up entirely) on a part-time basis, and to assist in the international and cooperation work of the SNES. He retired in September 2005.

His simplicity, his commitment to conduct constructive dialogues respectful of the opinions expressed by all, his so-called British phlegm, to mention some of Jean-Marie’s qualities, made him a highly appreciated colleague. We will remember him as a hard-working, discreet,  cheerful and devoted colleague and friend. He will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure working with him or crossing his path.  Our thoughts are with his family, friends and SNES-FSU activists , whom we wish strength to overcome this loss.