World Teachers’ Day: Celebrating teachers who have led in crisis and reimagine the future


This year perhaps more than ever, World Teachers’ Day is the occasion for millions around the world to thank and celebrate teachers’ devotion to students and their valuable contribution to society.

While many still struggle to make sense of what we have experienced in the months leading up to this year’s World Teachers’ Day, one truth is evident to all: teachers and other education personnel have risen to the many challenges they face to ensure that, even in the most adverse circumstances, their students are able to continue learning. In Europe, with a majority of education institutions closed for an extended period of time, a large part of education systems suddenly transitioned to remote teaching and learning. In this time, education continued due to the tireless efforts and resilience of teachers.

ETUCE, the European Trade Union Committee for Education, and its member organisations stand together to support teachers across Europe as the pandemic continues to evolve and taking its toll on the teaching profession. Education trade unions in Europe call for sustainable public funding and support to teachers to help overcome the crisis and work to reimagine the future.

On World Teachers’ Day, ETUCE European Director Susan Flocken reflects on the achievements of the past few months and the challenges ahead: Teachers and education personnel are the cornerstone of our society. They shape future generations and we owe them our recognition and respect for their daily work, perseverance, and professionality in these exceptional times of emergency. ETUCE joins its member organisations in thanking teachers and other education personnel and marking this day in solidarity across Europe and the world – Happy World Teachers’ Day!’

Today and every day, ETUCE stands in solidarity with teachers across Europe and the world. Join us in the live broadcast of the education trade unions’ celebration of World Teachers’ Day, featuring stories of teachers taking the lead, as well as education trade union leaders and policy leaders sharing their experience.

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