Czech Republic: 8th Congress of ČMOS PŠ


On 16-18 May 2019 ČMOS PŠ held its 8th Congress in Prague. The Congress is organised once every four years. Congress delegates modify and adopt by-laws, financial and budgetary rules and set the planning for the next term. The delegates of the Congress also elect the president and vicepresident of ČMOS PŠ.

After the welcome given by Mr. František Dobšík, the Congress was opened by the speech of Mr. Robert Plaga, Minister of Education, the greetings of Mr. Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister and Ms. Alena Schillerová, Minister of Finance. Among the distinguished trade union guests of the Congress were Susan Flocken, European Director of ETUCE, Yanka Takeva, president of SBU, Gregorz Gruchlik, vicepresident of ZNP, Pavel Ondek, OZPŠaV and Josef Středula, president of the Czech and Moravian confederation of trade unions.

Mr. František Dobšík was re-elected as president of ČMOS PŠ and Mrs. Markéta Seidlová was re-elected as e vicepresident. Mr. Dobšík, in his speech, highlighted the need to continue the campaign #End of Cheap Teachers and the struggle to improve the working conditions of teachers in Czech republic. Nowadays the teaching profession is facing various challenges and therefore it is important that public education is provided with adequate financial funding. He emphasised: ‘All teachers deserve the respect of society‘. He also pointed out the need of cooperation and dialogue among the trade union itself but also with other partners and unions at national and European level.