North Macedonia: Trade union victory as SONK wins major pay rise for teachers


ETUCE member organisation SONK has been demanding a decent pay rise for teachers and other education personnel, whose salaries were below the national average. After a warning strike in September 2019 and tough negotiations, the North Macedonian government has agreed to SONK’s demands.

SONK Success

Following the strike in September SONK had several meetings with the Minister of Education and Science and a meeting with the Prime Minister. In October, an initial government offer was rejected by SONK members, so the trade union went back to the negotiating table with a threat of further strike action. This time the government recognised the demands and education workers will now get a 10% pay rise from January 2020.

ETUCE congratulates SONK on this successful campaign for decent salaries in education. Fair pay is a key aspect of an attractive teaching profession, vital if a country is to attract and retain enough skilled teachers and other education personnel to deliver quality education for all.