ETUCE has been an observer in the technical committee of the European Commission on Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013). ETUCE and other organisations could not have a seat in the Erasmus+ Programme Committee (2014-2020).


ETUCE response to the revision of the Lifelong Learning Programme and on creation of the Erasmus + (earlier so-called Erasmus for All) Programme is included into ETUC Position on the European Commission proposal "Erasmus for all" (2012)

In the framework of a public consultation of the European Commission in 2010, ETUCE issued a Statement on Public Consultations on the future Lifelong Learning Programme

More information
ETUCE Circular 2/2012: New Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus for All
ETUCE Circular 1/2012: Concerns of the stakeholders on the Erasmus for All initiative
ETUCE Circular 3/2011: The new Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus for All. Comenius, Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci lost against Erasmus provides an overview on preparing the Erasmus+ Programme.
ETUCE Circular 3/2011: Crisis and education provides an overview on the debates on investing to the Erasmus+ Programme.