Solidarity is the cornerstone of the education trade union movement and lays the ground for its unity. In cooperation with the EI head office, the ETUCE member organisations and other European organisations, the ETUCE Secretariat provides support to the member organisations requesting intervention. Depending on the nature of the objectives, the ETUCE Secretariat performs different forms of solidarity work. In cases of emergency or immediate intervention, ETUCE writes protest letters addressed to the social partners, the government or other institutions to support the pressure that member organisations exert at national level.

In more drastic cases, ETUCE organises missions to show stronger solidarity and help solving problematic situations.

The sustainable solidarity work is conducted through projects, campaigns and the creation of information material.

The expression of solidarity does not only clearly show ETUCE’s active engagement, commitment and support to its member organisations’ prosperous functioning; it also shows governments that the European education trade union movement is driven by the common sense of unity and its messages are clear.