#ValueEducationValueTeachers – Forthcoming Demonstration in Glasgow


In the run-up to the demonstration organised by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) on 27 October 2018 in Glasgow, the union has been running its pay campaign – Value Education, Value Teachers- which includes the pay claim for a 10% pay raise.

Against the backdrop that 2018 has seen a surge in teachers over 45 leaving early and that 40% of Scotland’s teachers are considering leaving the profession early according to Bath Spa University research, EIS calls on the government to invest in education as an investment in young people.

The union emphasises “Pay erosion, together with excessive workload, is a key factor in the current teacher shortage. If we want to recruit the best students, salaries need to be as attractive to them as the alternatives on offer. We also want to keep the teachers we have but recent surveys show that more are quitting the profession early, creating even more vacancies”.

Recognising the alarming situation with regard to the teacher shortages in Scotland and across Europe, Susan Flocken, ETUCE European Director said, “ETUCE gives its full support to colleagues in Scotland and wishes them a successful campaign.”

Watch the EIS video clip in support of the campaign here