Terrorist Attacks in Brussels Airport and Metro


Brussels was this morning the scene of multiple terrorist bombings. Two bombs exploded in Brussels’ main airport in Zaventem around 8.00 in the morning and only one hour later a bomb exploded at Maelbeek metro station. At least 34 people were killed and more than 170 injured in these horrific attacks according to the latest news reports.

We are all shocked by these attacks but all safe in the secretariat. The Belgian authorities have advised the population to stay home and avoid public spaces as much as possible as the alert level was set to 4 (the highest level of alert in the country) until further notice.

Consequently the ETUCE Secretariat will be closed tomorrow Wednesday 23 March.

European Director Martin Rømer sent a message to all Member Organisations and said: "It is yet another dark day in Europe and we can only have contempt for people executing such kind of actions. It is clearly meant to be an attack on democracy and our way of life. We cannot and will not accept the return of dark ages in Europe. We must fight with all means for our democracy and European model of society. In this difficult moment our thoughts are with all the innocent victims and their families and we would like to thank those who have contacted us to express their concern and solidarity."