Towards fair digital work : ETUC resolution on digitalisation


On 8-9 June 2016, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) adopted a resolution on digitalisation: towards fair digital work. In their resolution the ETUC demands, among other things, “to upskill the workforce by upgrading initial and continuous occupational training programmes for the digital era ensuring access to higher education and lifelong learning, digital skills being an important leitmotiv for good and fair digital work.”. The ETUC calls on the European Commission to, based on strong trade union involvement, develop a coherent European policy concerning digitalisation.

The European Commission needs to become more aware of both the opportunities , such as a better work-life balance, and problems, such as a the gender pay gap and increasing disparities between Member States that are related to digitalisation.

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) acknowledges the importance of digital skills in a rapid changing society and supports the new ETUC resolution towards fair digital work. Digitalisation is not only a matter of technological concern but also has an impact on occupational health and safety, the skills of employees and their privacy. Teachers, school leaders and other education staff are faced with increasing digital expectations from pupils, parents and society in general. Education unions should therefore monitor the effects of digitalisation on education personnel’s mental health, working hours and working conditions.

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