Moldova: ETUCE launches call for action among its member organisations


Over the course of several months, the Education and Science Trade Union Federation of Moldova (ESTUFM), ETUCE member organisation in Moldova, has been tirelessly fighting for an increase of education personnel’s salaries in the country.

As ESTUFM earlier reported, the increase in education personnel’s salaries in Moldova remains at the core of the union’s demands.  ETUCE addressed the Moldovan government recalling its responsibility and asking to take into account the union’s repeated demands. In its turn, the latter invited the Moldovan education social partner to the negotiation table, supposedly, to make the outward appearance of maintaining constructive and effective social dialogue, by offering a negligible rise of education personnel’s salaries amounting to only 100 Lei (MDL) (4,8 EUR).

In her communication to the Moldovan government, Susan Flocken, European Director, reiterated that “the dialogue between the Moldovan government and the union should be geared towards resolving the problems of the low attractiveness of the profession, the drift of qualified teachers towards financially more rewarding professions in the private industry and the brain drain that the country is witnessing”.

In light of the situation that has not been changed for the better, ETUCE calls on its member organisations to demonstrate solidarity and unity with the education personnel in Moldova by raising the voice of the European education community and address letters, using a template letter, to Moldovan authorities to demand the:

  • launch meaningful and comprehensive negotiations with education social partners;
  • increase of scientific researchers’ and other non-teaching staff’s salaries at all education levels to the national minimum wage;
  • rise of school and university teachers’ salaries by 50%.

ETUCE encourages you to send a solidarity letter to colleagues in ESTUFM at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.