Coinciding with the European and International LGTBI Pride Week 2017 in Spain, ETUCE Spanish member organisations, FeSP UGT and FECCOO, have launched their respective 2017 LGBTI campaigns.

FeSP UGT is launching the campaign “28J FeSP UGT CON MUCHO ORGULLO – espacios libres de LGTBIfobia / With pride – spaces free from LGTBIphobia”.

The aim of this campaign is to reinforce the commitment of public services to LGTBI rights. The campaign includes posters to be put up in the workplace; special magazine ‘Karisina’ advising on the legal developments and regulations on transgender, sexual diversity and LGBTI rights in general; recommendations to include LGBT rights in the collective bargainings, and a raising-awareness video.

Noteworthy are the games for secondary-school students ‘Somos Diversidad / We are Diversity’ which include a game-board with questions and pictures to promote sexual diversity, respect and tolerance; and activities such as family short-stories from pre-primary-school students, and a mural with family-photos from primary-school students representing diverse children and families in the classroom. These ‘‘Somos Diversidad / We are Diversity’ games will be distributed in Spanish schools and educational institutions, both to students, and teachers and educational staff with the ultimate aim to learn about the richness of sexual diversity, to promote respect and tolerance from an educational standpoint and combat any form of discrimination, in particular, in schools.

FeSP UGT campaign material can be downloaded here.

In parallel, FECCOO has also launched an anti-discrimination media campaign to raise-awareness on the respect and protection of LGBTI rights in the workplace with the hashtag:  #OrgulloDeSerCCOO. Within this campaign, FECCOO will continue fighting against stereotypes on LGBTI workers and reporting situations of harassment, discrimination and dismissals based on LGBTI grounds, in particular, in the Education sector in Spain. FECCOO will also continue working on the inclusion of clauses of sexual diversity, gender identity and LGBTI issues in collective bargainings.

FECCOO campaign can be followed here.

ETUCE supports both FeSP UGT and FECCOO 2017 LGBTI campaigns, in particular to raise awareness and combat homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools and in workplaces, towards pupils and teachers and other educational personnel.