2022 ETUCE Special Conference


The ETUCE Special Conference is convened two years after each ordinary Conference to consider and decide on matters related to ETUCE policies on education and employment. Constitutional and financial matters are not dealt with on this occasion. The Special Conference is a decision-making body composed of the ETUCE Committee and a maximum of two representatives from each member organisation. It is entitled to adopt policy and resolutions.

The Special Conference provides an opportunity for representatives of all ETUCE affiliates to meet and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between teachers and other education employees. The theme of this Special Conference is: Trade union engagement and activity in Europe : mobilising for quality public education, for the benefit of students, and an improved status for teachers and all education personnel.


The Special Conference will be held in Liège, Belgium, on 5-6 July 2022.

Registrations are now open for Member Organisations via the 2022 ETUCE Special Conference website HERE