ETUCE and OAJ Seminar on occupational health and safety education alongside the Educa Fair


Occupational health and safety is vitally important for the education sector, and a key focus of ETUCE’s work. The rise of new technologies is transforming the face of health and safety in education. In this rapidly evolving context, health and safety experts must keep adapting to these changes in order to best protect education workers. With this in mind, ETUCE and the Finnish Member Organisation OAJ are hosting a Joint Seminar on occupational health and safety in the education sector at the beginning of 2020.

The Joint Seminar will take place on 23 January 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. ETUCE and OAJ will present their most recent work in the field of occupational health and safety, including the Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools for the education sector which ETUCE developed with the European Federation of Education Employers.

The date of the seminar was carefully chosen to align with OAJ’s annual Educa Fair. Educa is a leading event for the education and training sector, gathering over 18 000 visitors last year. The next Educa takes place on 24-25 January 2020, focusing on the topic ‘Well-being for education, work and life’. 2020 will mark the 25th edition of Educa, a milestone which OAJ is celebrating with the first ever international programme. A series of English-language sessions will present the Finnish education system and innovations in education, offering fresh insights for professionals in the international teaching and education sector.

ETUCE member organisations are warmly invited to register for both the ETUCE/OAJ Seminar, and the Educa Fair:

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