Czech Republic: young trade unionists discuss the promotion of democratic values


On 15 June 2021, the Czech and Moravian Trade Union of Workers in Education of Czech Republic (ČMOS PŠ) hosted an online seminar named “Young Trade Unionists Promoting Democratic Values“, in collaboration with the German Foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES). This online webinar was organised in the framework of the joint ČMOS PŠ and FES project organised in the Czech Republic and called “Education and democracy: The role of teachers and their organisations in the democratic society“. This project is based on the Czech translation of the book “On Education & Democracy: 25 Lessons from the Teaching Profession“ by Susan Hopgood and Fred van Leeuwen.

During the online seminar representatives of young trade union sections from four European trade union organisations (ČMOS PŠ - Czech republic, OZPŠaV- Slovakia, ZNP - Poland, and GEW - Germany) introduced their sections and activities. The goal of the webinar was to illustrate how democratic values are applied within the trade unions and how the trade unions support the promotion of these values in the public debate.

The contributions of the participants highlighted the important role played by young members. Indeed, young trade unionists represent the next generation. They ensure the continuity of the work of trade unions in Europe and bring new topics and important fights at the front of the trade union political agenda.