"Israel is drying up": Protest unattractive salary conditions


On 30 May 2022, with the words -"Israel is drying up"- the General Secretary of Israel Teachers Union, Ms Yaffa Ben David, opened her speech at the massive demonstration of teachers from across the country who took to the streets to protest current unattractive salary conditions.

The teachers' previous salary agreement has expired, and the Israel Teachers Union, under the lead of its General Secretary, Ms Yaffa Ben David, has started a collective bargaining process in order to formulate a new fair and just agreement that will put an end to the exploitation of teachers, and provide for an appropriate response to the growing shortage of teachers.

For many months ITU has been warning the Israeli government that without proper remuneration, high-quality teachers will leave the education system.  

Referring to the need for a new and fair salary agreement, Ms Yaffa Ben David said: “The education system is the mainstay on which Israeli society is built, and teaching staffs are at the social forefront of the educational work doing it with dedication, professionalism and with maximum investment in every Israeli student”.

The Israel Teachers Union continues its protest and has started recently holding partial strikes of the education system across the country. 

ETUCE stands in solidarity with ITU and the teachers and supports their demands for better salary and working conditions.