ETUCE-EFEE Joint Practical Guidelines on how to promote effective integration of migrant and refugee learners in the education and socio-economic environment of the host countries through joint social partner initiatives at national, regional and local le

Practical Guidelines for Education Trade Unions on How to represent effectively teachers’ professional needs within the unions’ capacity and social dialogue structures (2018)

ETUCE’s guidelines on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2018)

Conference Recommendations on Supporting teachers as tool of quality education (March 2018)

ETUCE’s views on Public consultation on Legal migration by non-EU citizens (2017)

ETUCE Position Paper on Public consultation towards a "Council Recommendation on Promoting social inclusion and shared values through formal and non-formal learning" (2017)

Recommendations on Securing Diversity in Education (2017)

Joint Practical Guidelines on How to Promote Joint Social Partner Initiatives at European, National, Regional and Local Level to Prevent and Combat Psychosocial Hazards in Education (2016)

ETUCE Standing Committee for Equality Recommendations on Social Dialogue and Equal opportunities (2015)

Practical Guidelines for Teacher Unions for the Further Implement ation and Reinforcement of Teacher Union Actions on Gender Equality in Times of Austerity (2014)