List of ETUCE External representations

European Commission

Open Method of Coordination Working Groups

  • WG 1: Modernisation of Higher Education
  • WG 2: Assessment of Key Competences
  • WG 3: Professional development of teachers
  • WG 4: Mathematics, science and technology
  • WG 5: Languages and employment
  • WG 6: Entrepreneurship Education
  • WG 7: ICT and Education
  • WG 8: Professional development of VET Trainers
  • WG 9: Quality Assurance in Adult Learning
  • WG 10: Financing Adult Learning
  • WG 11: Early school leaving
  • WG 12: Early Childhood Education and Care

Other groups

  • Lifelong Learning Committee
  • A strategic approach to school cooperation consultancy group
  • Professional Qualification Directive and Card
  • Structured Dialogue (European Active Citizenship)
  • European Social Dialogue, Liaison Forum

Bologna Process

BFUG meetings:
  • Bologna Follow-up Group meeting
  • Working Group on Transparency Mechanism
  • Working Group on International Openness
  • Working Group on Mobility
  • Working Group on Reporting the Implementation
European Quality Assurance Register for higher Education (EQAR):
  • EQAR Register Committee
  • EQAR Annual General Assembly
  • Other HER related representations
  • EHEA Information and Promotion Network
  • CoE Project: "Academic Freedom and Institutional Autonomy: the Role of Public Authorities".
  • FLLEX Project: "Impact of Lifelong Learning Strategies on Professional Higher Education in Europe" Project


  • ETUC Executive Board
  • ETUC Women Committee
  • National coordinators meeting
  • Lifelong Learning Working Group
  • Migration & Inclusion Working Group
  • Economic and employment Committee
  • Collective Bargaining Coordination Committee
  • Social Protection Working Group
  • Legislation and social policy Working Group
  • Economic and social cohesion Working Group
  • Trade and globalisation Working Group


  • ICT Coalition "for a Safer Internet for Children and Young People"
  • Fundamental Rights Platform- Fundamental Rights' Agency
  • European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health - ENETOSH
  • European Occupational Safety and Health Agency Campaign events