Make teaching attractive!

Without teachers, schools are empty shells. Without academics, higher education doesn’t exist. At all levels of education qualified personnel is core to providing quality education for the next generation. Budget cuts in public education, privatisation pressures and a neglect of the recruitment and retention needs result in teacher shortages, an ageing teaching workforce and a decreasing status of the profession, which create a threat to quality education for all. 

Representing over 11 million teachers in 51 countries, ETUCE has initiated a Europe-wide campaign to Make Teaching Attractive. ETUCE`s 127 member organisations have set out 10 key demands to challenge education policy makers ensure publicly funded education systems are well staffed to provide quality public education for all.

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Campaign Launch Event

15 May 2023
14.00 – 16.00,  Online

European Week of Teachers

2-6 October 2023