Make teaching attractive!

Take action!

Schools without teachers are hard to imagine. Without academics and teaching professionals, higher education would not exist. At all levels of education, we rely on qualified education personnel to ensure the operation of education institutions as well as enable teachers to do what they are best at: provide quality education for the next generation. 

In Europe, teaching as a career path has lost much of its attraction over the past decades, with a growing number of countries reporting teachers shortages, an ageing teaching workforce and, a decreasing appeal of the profession to young people. Coupled with an increase in early and mid-career teachers leaving the profession, education policy makers need to act now to ensure quality public education for all in the coming decades. With teachers present in each and every classroom, because education without teachers is unthinkable.

ETUCE, the European federation on education trade unions and its 127 member organisations across Europe are decided to act together to promote the teaching profession. We have set out our joint campaign to Make Teaching Attractive! By presenting our 10 key demands to education policy makers and the general public in all 51 states ETUCE members come from, we voice the concerns of more than 11 million teachers in Europe who want to do justice to the job.

This website offers an overview of the 10 key demands, short introductory texts in three languages accompanied by key visuals to promote the cause. During the campaign`s one year timeframe, each key demand will be addressed as the topic of a given month, with four short articles published on sub-topics of each demand. All content will be shared on ETUCE`s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).

ETUCE member organisations are welcome to

  • share articles and campaign visuals on websites, via social media channels, and use the virtual background provided in online meetings or when shooting videos;
  • use campaign visuals to communicate in line with national agendas in a powerful fashion;
  • reference ETUCE`s documents and link to this campaign website to support arguments, and so on.

ETUCE member organisations are invited to join the European Week of Teachers as it is set out in the plans of the joint action week.