Taking the lead to increase the attractiveness of the profession for young people

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Alma Mater
Level of eduction
Higher education and research
Organising for equalities, Youth, Rights and status
Type of action
Seeking to influence legislative processes
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In order to promote quality in higher education, and to attract young people to the profession, Alma Mater has sought to influence legislation regulating wages in higher education to make them more attractive to young people. The action aims at reaching the target of 60% of young people in the profession and at normalising the turnout rate between those entering and those leaving the profession. The action, developed in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and other trade unions, has already achieved the target of 40% of young people entering the academic community.

FNS “ALMA MATER” is a national trade union organisation in the field of higher education, affiliated to the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), and to Education International (EI). It includes more than 20,000 members from Romanian public universities and research institutes. FNS “ALMA MATER” is focused on projects’ implementation through social dialogue, mainly concerning equal rights and digitalisation in education. At the same time, FNS “ALMA MATER” wants to further develop international relations and good collaboration cooperation with other trade unions.  

More information on Alma Mater's website