Education Employees’ Picket

Level of eduction
Early-childhood/Pre-primary education, Primary education, Secondary education, Vocational education and training, Higher education and research
Organising around professional issues, Rights and status
Type of action
Communication and engagement, Industrial action, Social dialogue and collective bargaining
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The Latvian government’s failure to implement the Education Law, the Teachers’ Salary Increase Schedule and the Education Development Guidelines, alongside with the failure to respect the pre-election agreements signed by political parties with LIZDA on pay rise, pushed LIZDA to organise an Education Employees’ Picket at the Latvian Parliament (March, 2019). The picket united education employees all over Latvia around the call for an attractive teaching profession and public investment in education, to ensure the respect of normative act in place for teachers’ pay rise. The action was supported by and through international solidarity from ETUCE member organisations.

More information on LIZDA's website