Czech and Slovak trade unionists discussed the topic of trade union renewal

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Czech Republic
Level of eduction
Early-childhood/Pre-primary education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education and research
Organising around ideas and campaigns, Organising around professional issues
Type of action
Trade union education, Professional learning
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The Czech and Moravian trade union of workers in education – ČMOS PŠ hosted on 11 April 2021 an international online webinar named Trade Union Renewal. This webinar was one of the series of events organised within the framework of the project Democracy and Education.

Democracy and education is a joint project of ČMOS PŠ and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in the Czech Republic. It is based upon the translation of the book On Education & Democracy: 25 lessons from the teaching profession by Susan Hopgood and Fred van Leeuwen. This project focuses on highlighting the role of education and teachers for the promotion of civic and democratic society.

During the webinar more than 25 trade unionists from ČMOS PŠ and its Slovak partner organisation OZPŠaV listened to the opening lecture called Union Renewa:l the road to democratic renewal by Professor Howard Stevenson from the University of Nottingham. Then they discussed the forms and strategies of the trade union renewal that might be relevant and effective in their national and cultural contexts. Both the feeling of identification of all members with their unions and the importance of covering industrial, professional, and other relevant topics for the 21st century have been highlighted as crucial for the trade union renewal process.